Texas Helicopter Services has solutions for almost any heavy lifting and construction need on your list. From aerial surveys to heavy lifting to moving supplies to remote areas, a helicopter can be the perfect construction solution in Texas.

Helicopters, with their non-intrusive form of surveying, provide a flexible, time efficient and cost effective method of collating accurate information. A helicopter provides the versatility that allows 360 degree viewing of your site, property or infrastructure providing greater opportunity to assess surrounding areas.

Knowing the status of your facility and infrastructure is important in preventing power failure and locating maintenance concerns. Texas Helicopter Services provides clients with unlimited access to hundreds of experienced high voltage power line, pipeline and railway patrol pilots. Find a helicopter service with the ability to take heavy equipment inventory, conduct environmental agency surveys, give VIP construction tours and more! Obtain real-time information and identify encroachment and repairs easily by contacting Texas Helicopter Services.

Bell Jet Rangers can do external lifts up to 2,000 lbs. and arrangements can be made for larger helicopters that can lift even more weight. Typically, these operations involve the hoisting of air conditioning units to or from rooftop areas or delivering supplies to remote areas. Long-lines are available from 25' to 200' long with the appropriate straps, nets and bags to accommodate all types of freight and can deliver a single load or three separate loads to three separate locations in a single flight.

Texas Helicopter Services' construction helicopter affiliates are highly experienced and knowledgeable in transporting large items, some with an impressive 30+ years in the helicopter industry. Optimize your business by allowing our network to support you in general route planning from current to future potential projects and propose video routes for presentation to investors and engineers. By using one of our affiliates' specialized helicopters and services, you can not only create a more streamlined plan for action, but you can avoid problematic power line and pipeline issues.

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